Relationship Fitness

Relationship Fitness
for Men

A comprehensive suite of self-guided insights and AI-powered tools purpose-built to help men strengthen their relationship skills.

More Fun, Less Drama

Strengthening intimate relationships.
Increasing the happiness for men, couples and their families.

Supporting our Heroes

On the team with veterans, active-duty, first responders – and their families.

Relationship Fitness for Men


Man-Up Live

Live webinars discussing topics relevant to men in their intimate relationships.

Get your questions answered, anonymously.


Relationship Workout for Men Podcast

A podcast dedicated to helping men choose a better partner and be a better partner to the person they choose.

Over 25 hours of recorded insights organized into easily consumable seasons and episodes.
Episodes on average are less than 8 minutes long.

Relationship Skills Playbooks

A collection of articles curated into playbooks delivering insights written for men.

Over 200 articles and growing.
Articles on average take less than 3 minutes to read.

Relationship Workout for Men Master Class

Learn the core fundamentals to strengthen your relationship skills.

Earn Relationship badges and Black Belt Certification.
Show others you care about being a better partner.

Relationship Gym

An AI-Powered set of tools designed to help men assess and improve the quality of their intimate relationships.

Program: In less than an hour receive personalized insights on what relationship skills to strengthen.
Journal: Record and share your relationship experiences and gain insights through analytics.
Trends: View how your relationship is trending to reduce surprises.
Compatibility Check: Compare Must-Have alignment.
Collaborate: Share gym insights with your partner and/or therapist to enhance mutual understandings.
... and much more ...

Two Sites: One Membership


Gain Knowledge to Build Relationship Skills


Engage to Assess and Improve Relationship

What are others saying?

"My past relationships have been wonderful, but they haven't led to my goal of a lifetime partner and family. Relationship Workout provides a framework and insights that help me focus on what's important in a relationship and ask the right questions to determine long-term compatibility."

Leander Z

"Although targeted for men, Relationship Workout helped me understand past experiences in new ways and rethink my approach to relationships. It's been invaluable in structuring my conversations with the man in my life, and it's great to hear a male perspective!"

Michelle H.

"Relationship Workout offers a unique, elegant, and easy-to-grasp framework for understanding yourself, your partner, and your relationship. I've used many of its insights and toolset to diagnose, improve, and maintain different kinds of close personal relationships in my life, not just romantic ones."

Miguel P.

"As the mother of a teenage boy, I realize the importance of coaching him about dating and relationships early on. Relationship Workout provides great tools and stories that help me structure our conversations, teaching him how to be a better man and partner, and uncovering what he knows and doesn't know about relationships."

Belinda B.

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More Fun, Less Drama