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Luis Maimoni

Luis Maimoni is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in relationships of all kinds, including men having relationship difficulties. Luis offers a no cost, no obligation consultation.

S19 E1: Love is an emotion. Love is a verb.

This episode delves into the dual nature of love, emphasizing that it’s not just an emotion but also a choice and commitment, requiring intentional actions to nurture and sustain relationships. Through a candid conversation with licensed marriage and family therapist Luis Maimoni, listeners learn how self-awareness and deliberate actions, especially during conflicts, are essential to building and maintaining a strong partnership.

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S19 E2: Transitioning from ‘me’ to ‘we’

This episode delves into the critical transition from ‘me’ to ‘we’ in relationships, emphasizing the importance of commitment and understanding at various stages, from first dates to cohabitation and marriage. Through insightful discussion with therapist Luis Maimoni, the episode explores how asking meaningful questions early on and addressing expectations can foster deeper emotional intimacy and long-term success.

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S19 E3: Building Trust and Commitment

This episode explores the fundamental building blocks of trust and commitment in relationships, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness, empathy, and intentional actions to foster a deeper connection. Vince Vasquez and Luis Maimoni discuss practical strategies to navigate defensiveness and enhance trust, highlighting how even small actions can significantly impact relationship dynamics.

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S19 E4: Invest in Your Relationship

This episode explores the concept of treating your relationship like a bank account, emphasizing that consistent positive actions and emotional investments are crucial for maintaining a healthy and fulfilling partnership. Vince Vasquez and Luis Maimoni discuss practical ways to make deposits into your ‘relationship bank account’ and the importance of being aware of your partner’s needs and emotions to build a strong, resilient relationship.

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S19 E5: Men, Pay Attention

This episode emphasizes the importance of truly listening to your partner, highlighting that women are not as mysterious as often portrayed and that asking and paying attention to their responses can significantly improve understanding and connection. Vince Vasquez and Luis Maimoni discuss the challenges of active listening and the value of reflective listening to foster deeper communication in relationships.

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S19 E6: Grant Yourself Space to Be Yourself

This episode discusses the importance of men allowing themselves the space to be their authentic selves rather than conforming to societal expectations of stoicism and unwavering strength. Vince Vasquez and Luis Maimoni explore how embracing vulnerability and authenticity can lead to more genuine and fulfilling relationships.

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S19 E7: Talk About Sex

This episode dives into the importance of openly discussing sexual needs and desires within a relationship, emphasizing that mutual understanding and communication can significantly enhance intimacy and satisfaction. Vince Vasquez and Luis Maimoni explore how evolving sexual needs require ongoing conversations and adjustments, ensuring both partners feel fulfilled and connected.

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P19 E5: Men, Pay Attention

Discover how the simple act of asking questions and genuinely listening can bridge the gap of understanding between men and women, transforming relationships from perplexing to profound.

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