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Roni Maislish

Roni Maislish is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, working for 20 years on the psychological roots of emotional eating, food addiction and obesity. For more information about Roni’s therapeutic’s sessions, supervision, workshops and training program, contact him on Linkedin.

S21 E1: Vulnerable from Birth

This episode explores the role of childhood trauma in shaping men’s emotional lives, highlighting how early experiences of neglect and emotional starvation can lead to disconnection and addiction in adulthood. Psychotherapist Roni Maislish discusses the importance of vulnerability and meaningful conversations as key to healing and building deeper relationships.

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S21 E2: Men Need to Have Purpose

This episode delves into the importance of purpose in men’s lives and how their partners can shape and support this quest. Psychotherapist Roni Maislish discusses how discovering and pursuing a personal mission can lead to personal transformation, deeper relationships, and a stronger connection to the community.

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S21 E3: Being Both Tough and Emotionally Strong

This episode explores the balance between physical toughness and emotional strength, highlighting how many men are taught to be stoic and emotionally disconnected, which hinders their ability to form deep, meaningful relationships. Psychotherapist Roni Maislish discusses the importance of acknowledging and healing from emotional trauma to become truly strong and integrated both inside and out.

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S21 E4: The Impact of Society’s Expectations on Men’s Identities

This episode explores how society’s expectations shape men’s identities and the importance of being present for themselves and their families. Psychotherapist Roni Maislish discusses the need for men to create space for introspection and emotional connection, highlighting how this presence can enhance relationships and lead to a more fulfilling life.

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S21 E5: The Role Our Friends and Colleagues Have on Men’s Identities

This episode explores how connections with friends and colleagues shape men’s identities, emphasizing the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive and like-minded individuals. Psychotherapist Roni Maislish discusses the concept of “twinship” and how finding these deep, meaningful connections can significantly impact personal growth and emotional well-being.

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S21 E6: The Role Addictions Play in Men’s Relationships

This episode explores the role addictions play in men’s relationships, highlighting how emotional starvation and a lack of meaningful connections can lead to various addictive behaviors. Psychotherapist Roni Maislish discusses the difference between emotional hunger and starvation, and how addressing the root causes of these feelings can lead to healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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S21 E7: Addicted to a Toxic Relationship

This episode dives into the complexities of codependency and men’s addictions to toxic relationships, exploring how objectifying partners can lead to unhealthy dynamics. Psychotherapist Roni Maislish discusses the importance of empathy and recognizing one’s own subjectivity to heal and foster healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

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S21 E8: Lifestyle Medicine

This episode explores how adopting a holistic approach to lifestyle changes can positively impact relationships and overall well-being. Psychotherapist Roni Maislish discusses the importance of addressing every aspect of life, from nutrition and exercise to relationships and spirituality, to create meaningful and lasting transformations.

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