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Relationship Workout for Men Podcast

A podcast dedicated to helping men be intentional in choosing a better partner and being a better partner to the person they choose.

S18: Action E1: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

This episode emphasizes the importance of taking proactive actions to improve the quality of your relationship, highlighting how consistent, loving behaviors and not taking your partner for granted can strengthen your bond and prevent emotional distance.

S18: Action E2: Deciding to Commit or Break-up

This episode explores the critical decision of whether to stay, commit, or leave a relationship, offering insights to help men navigate the complexities of long-term commitment and ensure they make informed, thoughtful choices.

S18: Action E3: The Three Things Men Want in a Relationship

This episode outlines the three key elements men need for a thriving long-term relationship: companionship, sexual intimacy, and honesty, emphasizing the importance of nurturing these aspects to maintain a strong and fulfilling partnership.

S18: Action E4: Makeup Sex

This episode explores the role of makeup sex in relationships, emphasizing that while it can help restore closeness after a conflict, relying on it too much can prevent addressing deeper issues and hinder long-term relationship health.

S18: Action E5: Whomever Can Say “No” Holds the Power

This episode explores power dynamics in relationships, emphasizing that the ability to say "no" often determines who holds the power in various situations and highlighting the importance of balancing power to foster mutual respect and harmony.

S18: Action E6: Is the Drama Driven by Lack of Compatibility?

This episode helps you discern whether relationship drama stems from incompatibilities or relationship skill weaknesses, highlighting how addressing the latter can improve your partnership, while unresolved incompatibilities might pose more significant challenges.

S18: Action E7: Think Thrice When Children are Involved

This episode emphasizes the importance of considering the impact on children when contemplating divorce, highlighting the value of family moments and the potential long-term consequences on family dynamics and personal fulfillment.

S18: Action E8: Men Get Abused Too

This episode addresses the often-overlooked issue of abuse against men in relationships, emphasizing the need for societal awareness, supportive resources, and an environment where male victims can seek help without fear of judgment.

S18: Action E9: Making a Life Altering Relationship Decision with No Regrets

This episode guides listeners through the complexities of making a significant relationship decision—whether to commit, break up, or continue dating—by introducing the Relationship Workout Five-Step Action Plan to help ensure these choices are made with clarity and without future regrets.

S18: Action E10: Deciding to Commit, Break-up or Persevere When No Children

This episode introduces a Five-Step Action Plan for making a well-informed decision about whether to commit, break up, or persevere in a relationship when no children are involved, providing a structured approach to help ensure you make the best choice without future regrets.

S18: Action E11: Deciding to Commit, Break-up or Persevere When Children

This episode discusses a Five-Step Action Plan to help make a well-informed decision about committing, breaking up, or persevering in a relationship when children are involved, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful consideration to ensure the best outcome for both parents and children.

S18: Action E12: Choosing to Commit Can Be a Good Thing

This episode discusses overcoming hesitation about long-term commitment, emphasizing the benefits of committing to a fulfilling relationship, and offers guidance on assessing personal contributions to relationship drama and potential risks of remaining uncommitted.
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