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S18: Action E4: Makeup Sex

Season 18, Episode 4 of “Relationship Workout for Men” examines the electrifying yet deceptive role of makeup sex in relationships. While it may act as a temporary bridge to reconnection after conflicts, the episode warns against using it as a sole solution for deeper issues. Listeners are encouraged to prioritize genuine communication over the quick emotional fix that makeup sex provides, and to seek professional guidance if it becomes a repetitive bandage for unresolved problems. This episode underscores the importance of a strong emotional foundation over fleeting physical intimacy.

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Season 18 Episode 4:  Makeup Sex

In relationships, the getting naked together in the bedroom isn’t just about fun; it plays several roles, like helping you express yourself, feel closer, and even patch things up after a fight. Yep, we’re talking about makeup sex. It’s that intense, passionate kind you have after you’ve had a bit of a spat, and it’s something movies and TV shows love to hype up. It feels great in the moment, helping you to feel super connected and relaxed at the same time. Nothing like cuddling after a bout with sexual passion.

But if you’re always banking on makeup sex to fix your problems in your relationship, you might want to think twice. It’s like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound; it doesn’t really solve the deeper issues.

After a big argument, it’s natural to want to feel close again, and jumping into bed can seem like a quick fix. It’s a physical way to say “I still want you” without talking it out. But here’s the catch: that feel-good vibe and closeness can be deceptive. Just because you’re physically close doesn’t mean you’ve worked through your issues. If you’re not careful, those unresolved problems can continue to pile up, leading to even more drama down the long-term relationship road.

Of course, we all know that talking things out is key in a healthy relationship. It’s about being honest and understanding each other’s points of view and needs. When you tackle problems head-on with some good old-fashioned communication, you’re building a stronger connection. Skipping this step and heading straight to the bedroom can leave you missing out on truly understanding each other.

Also, how often you’re having makeup sex matters. If it’s your go-to move every time there’s trouble in paradise, it might mean you’re leaning too much on the physical stuff to keep things together. This can lead to a cycle where fights become the setup for intimacy, which isn’t healthy. You end up chasing the quick fix of feeling good after making up, rather than dealing with the real issues.

Good communication and understanding each other’s feelings are huge. It’s about knowing when you’re upset and dealing with it in a way that doesn’t make everything a bigger drama. This makes it easier to sort through any disagreements without turning them into a full-blown battle. Sure, makeup sex can be part of how you show love and come back together, but it shouldn’t be the only way you fix things.

If you find yourself relying on makeup sex a lot, it might be worth talking to a pro, like a relationship counselor. They can help you figure out what’s really going on and how to deal with disagreements better. Plus, they can give you tips on strengthening your emotional connection, making your relationship healthier overall. 

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In the end, while makeup sex can have its moment in the sun for some couples, it’s not a magic fix for every problem. A strong relationship is built on good communication, understanding each other, trust and mutual respect. Keeping these things in check means you’re not just physically close but also solid on an emotional level, ready to face whatever comes your way together.

Put another way, if you’re discovering that your relationship is being held together by makeup sex, then this may not be a great long-term strategy for the two of you if you’re thinking about being together over the long-term. 

Another point to understand when considering whether to commit or leave a relationship is the power dynamic, which often comes down to whomever has the power to say no, holds the power in the situation – and that’s the topic of our next episode.

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