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S8: Integrity E3: What’s Your Pleasure Tonight, Sir?

In “Relationship Workout for Men” Season 8 Episode 3, titled “What’s Your Pleasure Tonight Sir?”, Vince shares a deeply personal story about the unraveling of trust in a relationship due to a significant secret kept by his partner. He recounts his relationship with a woman he was deeply attracted to, highlighting their strong connection and his admiration for her, only to be shocked when she reveals she had been working as an escort. This revelation not only exposed Vince’s naivety but also underscored the profound impact of secrets on trust and intimacy in relationships, ultimately leading to their separation as the foundation of their bond was irreparably damaged.

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Season 8, Episode 3: What’s Your Pleasure Tonight, Sir?

This is a personal story sharing when a lady I was dating kept quite the secret from me.

She and I had dated for over a year. She was amazing: incredibly sexy, kind, charming, a great dancer … and did I mention how great the sex was? Mind blowing.

We had met dancing salsa. At the time, she was still in college, financing her education by working as a hostess at a local Mexican restaurant and taking out student loans. 

One day, she rather abruptly quit her restaurant job. I didn’t really think much about it. I figured at the $5/hour she was making directing hungry customers to their seats, she was much better off just living off her student loans and focusing on her classes. Besides, she had a very basic, low-cost apartment and seemed extremely careful about how she spent her money.

One day, as I returned home from a week-long business trip, she met me at my apartment. I was so happy to see her. A week away from her seemed like torture. The whole flight home all I could think about was tearing off her clothes and making love to her.

As she met me at my door, we fell into each other’s arms. My anticipation was so strong, I wanted to make love to her right there in the entryway. Quickly, though, she stopped me, telling me she had something extremely important to tell me. She had that sense of urgency in her voice, and that sense of fear in her eyes, that only comes when a person has something really bad to share.

“I’ve been an escort for the past six months,” she blurted out.

I was stunned, my naiveté totally exposed. “What specifically is an escort” I asked?

“I sleep with men for money” was her curt, defended response.

Our relationship didn’t last much longer than that. Her secret out, our trust ripped apart like the aftermath from a terrorist’s roadside bomb.

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